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Ethos has a 9 year strong tradition of mature, sensible raiders and good conduct within the community. We have a diverse collection of raiders from all over the greater Europe area (and even further), dedicated to having fun in both progression and farm raids.
What you should expect from us:
  • Zero tolerance on whining/drama/loot whoring.
  • Committed leadership from a core of Officers and Veterans.
  • Social, English language Guild environment.
What we expect from you:
  • Full knowledge of your class, abilities, rotations/priority system and a functional off-spec.
  • Consistent raids sign ups, regardless of farm, progression or loot tables.
  • The ability to receive constructive critique on your raiding performance.
  • Mature attitude, both in our Guild raids and in the community in general. This means no offensive or obnoxious behavior in PuGs (Inter-realm and outer) and representing our core principals to the realm in general.
  • A good level of respect to your fellow guild members. There will be NO racism, NO flaming and NO trolling!
  • We also have a 18+ age limit , But we will consider exceptional App's after a Officer's discussion. 

Special thanks to our awesome friends at Proximity for making this kill possible!